Private Lessons

Private lessons are a perfect way for anyone wanting to improve a certain part of their game. Lessons can be especially useful during the heart of the club season, before and during high school/junior high seasons and college players on summer break.

In all coaches defense, when team dynamic is a priority, individual skills sometimes have to take a back seat as coaches do not have as much time to focus on individual skill training. That is where private lessons come in and become a useful tool for all players.

We here at Summit Volleyball have acquired more that 50+ years of combined collegiate and club coaching experience in just our full-time staff members alone. Be very wary of others offering lessons where feedback is at minimum or non-existent all together.

Lessons should be structured as to provide ample amounts of contacts, technique training and feedback in not only volleyball skills but also proper biomechanical techniques. Too often players have injured themselves or have been injured by their instructors and coaches improper feedback.

Please note that if you have ever had to pay for a lesson or coaching where your instructor is working on “their game” or is involved in the drill or skill training more than your own player…You need a better instructor!!! Your money is valuable to you and it should not be wasted on the coach.

If you are interested in receiving information regarding private lessons and you are not quite sure where to start, please contact the following individual listed below and they will be sure to get you pointed in the right direction.

Executive Director – Andy Reitinger at the following email address:

However, if you already know the staff member with whom you would like to take lessons please click on their individual email address listed below. If you have more questions regarding lesson prices, court costs* and group lesson** costs, please contact each instructor directly.

Mike Minnis Executive Asst.
Andy Gass Director

*All Costs Include Court Fees
** Group Lesson Cost Determined by Instructor

We wish you the best and we hope to see you in our gym and on our courts very soon!